3 Reasons to Play MSOP’s High Stakes Golf Tournament

If you’re an avid putter that thinks they have what it takes to throw down in a real competition with serious cash on the line, the MSOP Championships in Las Vegas are the place to be this October. In this article, we give you 3 reasons you should register to play our high stakes golf tournament.

Winners take more in high stakes golf

Are you the type of putter that is determined to win against all odds? Do you love to bask in the glory after a perfect stroke? Then you’ll be right at home in our high stakes golf tournament where winners take more.

Fearless players can register directly for the MSOP Championships starting at just $1000 or $500 each with a buddy for a chance to win mega purses in the tens of thousands of dollars. If you’re willing to take a risk and put your skills to the ultimate test, you can reap rewards beyond your wildest dreams.

Get bragging rights

Win big at our high stakes tournament and you will be bestowed with bragging rights for a year. Boast about your achievement by showing off your name on the MSOP leaderboards and proving that you can out-putt your friends any day of the week.

Elevate dinner party small talk by flaunting your win at the biggest championship putting tournament in history.

Explore Sin City

Since the Championships are held under the bright lights of Las Vegas, you will also have the opportunity to explore one of the most famous cities in the world. Pack your best golf clubs and equipment and get ready for an amazing trip you will remember for a lifetime!

The Las Vegas Strip features some of North America’s best restaurants and entertainment, as well as the most luxurious casinos in the world, so you certainly won’t get bored in between MSOP’s high stakes events.

What are you waiting for?

With hundreds of thousands on the line in a larger-than-life venue, the ability to show off to all your golf buddies and an excuse to visit Las Vegas, what are you waiting for? Register directly or find a qualifier near you to join the biggest high stakes putting tournament in history.

If you have any questions about the Major Series of Putting, don’t hesitate to contact us and our team will be happy to answer you.

You will be redirected to our tournament website on BlueGolf where you can view and register for all MSOP events.