Putt Like A Pro: 4 Essential Putting Tips to Sink More Shots

Putting is one of the most deceptively simple elements of golf. While many consider it easier than driving, it nonetheless requires a precise combination of physical control and mental concentration.

If you find yourself putting off the green more often than holing your ball, this article is for you. Here are 4 essential putting tips that will help you sink more shots and have a few tricks up your sleeve for the MSOP Championship.

Putting Tip #1: Practice What You Preach

As much of a no-brainer as it is, getting more practice is a tried-and-true way to improve your putting skills. Let’s face it, most people prefer to spend a day taking swings at the driving range than the putting green.

Not convinced you need to be spending more time practicing? The data suggests you should be. And that’s in relation to playing a regular game of golf, never mind a pure putting tournament.

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, and your spouse will allow it, you can even try building a practice green in your backyard as an early summer project.

Putting Tip #2: Improve Your ‘Literacy’

While getting more practice is always a good thing, you won’t get very far if you don’t know what specific aspects of putting you need to put into practice. The first thing you want to familiarize yourself with is green reading. And no, we don’t mean downloading your favorite books on a tablet to save paper.

Green reading essentially means compensating for the physical qualities of the green that will affect the speed and direction your ball takes after hitting it. These qualities generally include the shape or slope of the green and the distance from the hole.

Putting Tip #3: Come to Grips

Finding the right grip style is a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of putting. From conventional to cross-handed, having the perfect grip can make or break your next championship tournament.

Try experimenting with different grips while practicing and get a feel for which ones are comfortable and, most importantly, help you sink balls. You might be surprised just how many variations you can use, including:

  • The Claw
  • The Psycho
  • The Pencil
  • Split-Handed
  • Palms Facing

Once you have found a grip that works for you, practice putting with the same amount of pressure throughout every stroke.

Putting Tip #4: Eyes on the Prize

When lining up their putt, many amateur golfers will stare directly at the putter. This may at first seem logical and can be a natural reflex.

However, the spot where your eyes lock-on is of vital importance. Here’s how you should actually direct your attention: focus your eyes directly over your putting line and then look straight down at it.  This will ensure you stay perfectly lined up every time.

Bonus Tip: Sign Up for MSOP Qualifiers

What better way to step up your putting game than to play under pressure? If you think you have what it takes to compete against actual players, don’t hesitate to find an MSOP qualifier near you or directly register for the finals. Did we mention your first round in our qualifying events is free?

Have any questions about Major Series of Putting and our Las Vegas Championships where winners take more? Contact us now and we’ll be happy to answer you.

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