How to Safely Travel with Golf Clubs and Equipment

If you have ever taken a plane to a golf tournament, you likely understand that traveling with golf clubs and equipment can be a major source of stress. From packing your bags and hauling them around the airport to passing through security, you might find yourself wondering if the trip is worth the hassle.

Not to mention the prospect of your precious equipment being lost during the flight. Since many players will be traveling to the MSOP Championships in Las Vegas this October, we thought it would be good idea to provide some useful tips for a worry-free journey.

Choose a sturdy case for your golf clubs

The first consideration when traveling with golf clubs and equipment is the type of travel bag you will use. You obviously want the maximum amount of protection for your stuff, so it’s important to choose wisely.

While a soft case is easier to lug around, we strongly recommend going with a hard case. Not only will a sturdier case give you more peace of mind in case of mishandling, but the airline will most likely replace any damaged clubs if they are in a hard case.

Once you’ve found the ideal case, you will want to personalize it to easily spot it at the baggage claim. You should also include a tag with your personal information in case the airline loses your equipment.

Finally, always remember to check baggage fees well before leaving to make sure you don’t encounter any extra costs at the airport.

Avoid layovers

When traveling with expensive golf equipment, you want to minimize the amount of handling between flights. You also want to prevent your goods from being lost.

The best way to do this is to book early and get a non-stop flight if possible. This will let you mentally prepare for a golf tournament instead of worrying about the condition of your clubs.

Only pack the essentials

Traveling with golf clubs and equipment is annoying enough without overburdening yourself with extras you won’t even use. Plan carefully and only bring the essentials so you can carry your belongings around the airport and city with relative ease. You don’t need to haul around 5 different putters to putt like a pro.

If you can, leave enough room to wrap your golf clubs with a towel so they don’t bang around on the flight and have some extra protection.

Consider shipping your golf clubs

If you’re convinced that traveling with golf clubs is more trouble than you can handle, you can always opt to ship your equipment prior to leaving. Pick a cost-effective shipping service and you will likely save on overall fees in the end.

Now you can travel hassle-free!

Now that you know how to travel hassle-free with golf clubs and equipment, you can focus on the most important part – winning the tournament! Don’t forget to have a taxi or shuttle ready to pick you up when you arrive so you can quickly make it your hotel and relax.

If you have any questions about the MSOP Tour and are interested in playing in Las Vegas this October, don’t hesitate to contact our team.


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