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The Road to Vegas

Your road to the MSOP Vegas Putting Championships starts at a golf club in your region. Compete in local MSOP Qualifiers for as little as nothing or register directly for the Regional Finals if you have what it takes.



Play your first round for free at a Local Qualifier on a putting course near you. Pay only $10 to give it another shot or $20 for 3 more replays! Your best score is what counts and 10 players and ties will advance to the Finals in each region.



Winners of the Regional Finals earn their spot in the 2018 MSOP Championship. Don’t feel like qualifying? Skip Local Qualifiers and join the Finals with a $100 direct registration fee. Get ready to putt for thousands in cash prizes in side games like Turbo Singles!

2018 Putting Championships

The 2018 Major Series of Putting Championships are going down this October in Las Vegas. Ten days of high-stakes putting events in different formats offer players the ultimate Vegas golf experience where winners take more.

Past Putting Championships

Golfers from all around the world have competed for greatness in our past putting championships. Discover past winners and learn more about the MSOP Championship from our previous years’ events.

MSOP Stadium Course

The Championship venue is the awe-inspiring MSOP Stadium in Las Vegas featuring an immaculate 18-hole putting course that is the brainchild of the renowned Nicklaus Design firm. Thousands will be attendance as you putt your way to legendary status surrounded by giant leaderboards, live scoring, music and animations.

Tournament Formats

Scoring Formats

Stroke Play

Individual players or teams go up against all other participants in a given event where every stroke counts and the lowest total score wins.

Match Play

One side, individual or team, goes up against another side over a stipulated round. Scoring is counted by number of holes won, and players are victorious when one side leads by more holes than the number of holes left to be played.

MSOP match play tournaments are generally played in single elimination bracket format. If needed, a preliminary stroke play qualification round is played to select and seed players for the subsequent match play rounds.

Playing Formats


Players compete individually in stroke play or match play formats over the stipulated number of rounds for an event.


Players compete in teams of two in stroke play or match play formats over the stipulated number of rounds for an event.

Team Specific Formats

Four Ball

Two competitors play as partners, each playing his or her own ball. The lowest score between the two partners counts for each hole.


Two competitors play as partners, alternating turns on the same ball. Partners receive a score for each hole based on their combined effort.


About the MSOP Championship

The Major Series of Putting Championship is the biggest competitive putting tournament in history and takes place on the stunning MSOP Stadium Course in Las Vegas. The best pro and amateur players from all around the world compete in 10 days of championship matches and opt-in contests with millions in prize money to be won.

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