MSOP Championship Putting Rules

Putting Rules Summary

  1. The game is played exclusively on a putting surface
  2. Play order alternates after each hole in any format, during the round or a playoff
  3. Zones are defined for players to wait in before and after putting each hole
  4. A player may not mark and lift their ball when playing a hole
  5. A player must complete the hole before the next player can make a stroke at that hole
  6. Only one club may be carried by a player
  7. The anchoring method is permitted in all MSOP events
  8. Practice in not permitted during the stipulated round in any format
  9. In match play, a player may not concede an opponent’s putt
  10. A player may adjust the position of their ball in the teeing area with his or her club
  11. No object is allowed under the ball i.e. tee
  12. There is no flagstick
  13. A player may not use a caddy
  14. If the event of a tiebreaker, a playoff may be conducted outside the course played
  15. Because of the particular nature of the course and stadium, players are expected to play in an energetic and loud environment
  16. There are some hazard areas where play is prohibited
  17. A player is disqualified if they are late for their tee time
  18. A player disqualified if a club is damaged outside the normal course of play

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