MSOP – the Major Series of Putting – is the biggest series of putting tournaments in history. MSOP will bring millions of dollars in total prize money and multiple championship events to the famed Las Vegas Strip in fall 2018

A putting tournament is a contest in which players compete solely by putting. No driving, no chip shots – just the pressure of making big putts. It can be played in many formats over any number of holes. And as in golf, the lower the score, the better!

A putting course is the field on which our competitors play. It’s easily set up on any golf green – ideally a practice green with multiple holes in it. It doesn’t necessarily need to have 18 holes – it can be a 9-hole course or even have as few as 6 holes, in which case you can play each hole several times (for added variety, try playing each hole from different angles and distances).

Just like any golf tournament, players compete in formats such as stroke play or match play, either in teams or individually (see MSOP Putting Tournament Formats for more details). Players record their score on each of the designated holes, depending on the format. Tournaments can involve any number of holes and can be played in one day or over multiple days.

The average time for an 18-hole round is about 30-minutes.


MSOP will take place October 24-31, 2018.

Our rules are similar to those of golf, but with a few notable differences:

  • Each player in a group must complete his/her hole before the next player can begin
  • Players alternate starting honours at each hole
  • No “gimmies”
  • No marking golf balls

See full MSOP Rules for more details.

Yes. You bring the putter; we bring you the opportunity of a lifetime! But, if you need one, we can rent you one.

You should bring your own golf balls, or you can purchase some from us.

MSOP tournaments will be played on synthetic turf created by Southwest Greens, boasting unmatched playability under heavy traffic circumstances. The course layout is carefully designed by the experts at Nicklaus Design to ensure the right mix of challenge and excitement.

Hole placements will never change, but tee-off positions will. Each hole has three different tee-off locations the tournament committee can choose from when setting up the course. You will be able to see these locations when playing the course but may only play from the positions where there are tee markers.

No. Caddies are not permitted in MSOP competitions. You are only allowed one club.

Team events can be played in a variety of ways. Common formats include four-ball, otherwise known as “best-ball”, and foursomes, also called “alternate shot.” View Team formats for more details.

MSOP will reserve one practice round for each participant, which he/she must claim by reserving ahead of time. The practice rounds are usually scheduled the day before the start of the event or the morning of; consult the event Fact Sheets for specific details. Any other practice round can be played based on tee time availabilities. There will be a fee for all practice rounds.

The MSOP Stadium is open-air, so check the weather and dress accordingly. Remember: A round of putting only takes about 30 minutes to play, so you won’t be exposed to the elements too long.

Visit the current schedule of events for all details. A complete schedule will be announced at a later date, once all tournaments have been announced (yes, there are more coming!)


There are two ways:

  1. Win a qualifier event hosted by a local golf club across North America. Visit the Qualifiers page to find one near you.
  2. Some MSOP events are open for direct registration. Simply pay the entry fee to reserve your spot in Las Vegas, and you’re in! Visit the event schedule page to find events that are currently open for direct registration.

MSOP is open to all golfers. No ambiguity-when we say all golfers, we mean all golfers. Everyone is on a level playing field and amateurs can compete head-to-head with the pros. MSOP does have events that are catered specifically to amateurs and others that are exclusive to pros, but most MSOP events are designed for everyone to compete together. Note that amateurs who choose to be eligible for prize money need to forfeit their amateur status before playing in the event (view details on amateur status at

We are currently chatting with a number of pros who are excited about MSOP.

No! MSOP is open to golfers of all levels…but you may want to skip the driving range and start hitting the practice green if your short game needs some work.

Yes you can! Tournament start times will be scheduled to allow for participation in multiple events.

Strength in numbers! For a complete list of team-based events and how to register, visit our 2018 Championship page.


For a complete list of registration fees, visit our event schedule page.

Prize amounts for each event vary depending on the number of entrants. For a list of guaranteed minimums and estimated totals, select the tournament you are interested in at our event list page to view its Fact Sheet.

Amateurs may play in MSOP qualifier events without affecting their amateur statuses. If an amateur wins a qualifier, they have 48 hours to decide whether to forfeit their amateur status to be eligible for the official MSOP event for which they have qualified. (See USGA rules regarding amateur status at

There is a maximum number of players who can enter each tournament. Once that number is reached, we accept entries for players who want to be put on the alternates list. There is a minimum number of players needed for each tournament, otherwise the event is cancelled and players are reimbursed. Consult the event Fact Sheets for specific details.


Because all MSOP qualifiers must be supervised by a PGA professional, you can ask your local club’s professional to help you organize an event in your area. It’s easy to set up, fun for participants and offers profitable incentives for the club. Visit our page for Qualifier hosting to learn more about hosting a qualifier at your club.

You need to register your qualifier site with MSOP by filling out our online form. No fees are due until after your event.

  1. Once approved, you’ll need to promote your event. MSOP will provide you with a promoter’s guide to help ensure the success and profitability of your event!
  2. On the day(s) of your event, you will need to set up a putting course on your putting green. Any size putting green can work. MSOP will provide you with the proper guidelines to show you how.
  3. Once your qualifier is done and you have a winner, you have 48 hours to submit the results and payment to MSOP, at which point your winner will have punched his/her ticket to participate in the world’s biggest series of putting tournaments.
  4. To host an official MSOP qualifier, visit our Host page.

Congratulations on winning! Or if you haven’t won yet… good luck! We know you can do it! Prize packages vary among local golf clubs, but all winners will receive complimentary entry into the MSOP event they have qualified for. Your local club will have complete details on their specific prize package.

Still have a question about MSOP?

You will be redirected to our tournament website on BlueGolf where you can view and register for all MSOP events.