Host an MSOP Event

Major Series of Putting Event Benefits

The road to Vegas starts at your golf club. By hosting an MSOP event on your practice green, you will create a cool, exciting activity that is inclusive and fun for all to play! Furthermore, you will help your players realize their dreams of playing for something bigger and hopes of making it to Las Vegas for the 2018 MSOP Championships.

Unique and easy-to-run

MSOP golf events are easy to organize and anyone can play. Your members will be energized to participate in a new golf experience!

Generate revenue

Turn a profit from entry fees, food and beverage sales and have the opportunity to acquire new players to your club that will boost your yearly revenue.

Attract new clientele

Create buzz amongst your younger clientele with an exciting, competitive activity. Bring new players to your business with increased visibility.

Fulfill a dream for your players

Winners from your golf event will go on to play for high-stakes at MSOP’s world-class stadium at our 2018 Las Vegas Championships.

No risk

No deposit is required to register as a host for a qualifier and there are no cancellation fees.

Hosting MSOP Events

The Major Series of Putting (MSOP) is the ultimate stage for competitors from all walks of life to see if they can handle the pressure of high-stakes competition! Your club can host a putting event that will qualify players for a regional final or directly for the MSOP Championships.
Over 500 golf courses hosted qualifying events in 2017 and hundreds more are already signed-up for 2018. Will the next MSOP champion come from YOUR golf course? Host a qualifier to find out!


Are you interested in hosting the Major Series of Putting (MSOP) at your course but still have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us today, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

You will be redirected to our tournament website on BlueGolf where you can view and register for all MSOP events.